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New Arrivals & News

It's a Saison kinda month, read on and you'll see what we mean:

Chris & Zach's Excellent Adventure: Go see the boys at Winston's in Saskatoon on Thursday, March 12th for a special cask of Chris' Black Saison from our Test Batch System. They'll be in Regina on March 14th at Beer Bros. for a Brewer's Dinner as well.

Saison De La Ceinture Flechee - Saturday, February 28th, the Saison makes it's return the the shelves at the brewery, and will be delivered out to Liquor Marts and such over the following week.

Saison Du Provencher - A #testbatchtuesday brew of a special Saison was brewed a few weeks back. Basically, I walked in the door, and kept adding stuff to the brew until I felt it looked like enough - no recipe, no rules, and one of the most relaxing days of brewing I've had in years! Wheat malt, pale malt, oats, caramalt, caramelized sugar, Cascade hops, spices, whatever. Look for it on the growler filler on Tuesday, March 10th.

Pothole Porter- It's coming down the pipeline, and will be arriving in late March.

Chris' As Yet UnNamed Wheat - A full batch of Chris' new Wheat brew will be making its way to growler stations in mid March.

Our Most Requested Retired Beer Makes a Comeback- Yep, it's coming. Still not gonna tell you what it is tho. :P All will be revealed sometime in April-ish.