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Heiðrún's Sweet Mead

This specialty mead is available at the brewery now, and is shipping to stores as you read this.

From the description:

This sweet sparkling mead pays homage to Norse mythology. Heiðrún the goat eats the foliage off a sacred tree in Valhalla and supplies the fallen warriors who reside there with an endless supply of the clearest mead for their enjoyment. Our mead uses only the finest unpasteurized and unfiltered Manitoba wildflower honey. It has a thick, sweet body with a crisp finish due to the sparkling carbonation. While it is enjoyable now, with age it will continue to prove its character for many years to come.

Voodoo Child Mild

An English style Mild Ale that clocks in at 2.9%abv, and 17 IBU. This one is for the folks on Reddit who are convinced we only ever make strong and hoppy beers, cause this beer is chocolatey and soft with a low alcohol finish typical of a good session style beer. This beer is available at the growler stations in Winnipeg and Brandon.

Eastmount ESB

Jeremy's favourite ESB recipe is being bottle conditioned as you read this. The labels are on the way and it will be ready for release soon. Due to Jeremy's preference for bottle conditioned beer, this is 100% bottled, and no growlers will be offered.

The Golden Brett

The last of the yeast from our Trinity series beers was used to brew a Belgian style blonde ale, and on day 2 of fermentation, we added a pure brettanomyces strain to the tank so that it would dry out the beer and take on various funky fruit flavours. A preview was available at the Flatlander's Beer Fest. This beer will be available at the brewery on growlers only in the coming weeks.